2014-2015 Pledge Drive

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Dear Larchmont Charter Friends and Families,

Ten years ago a group of parents with a deep commitment to our community and a dynamic vision created a school where academic achievement, diversity and parent involvement were all front and center.

After a decade of tireless effort by our entire school community, Larchmont has become a symbol of excellence and is a leader in providing a high quality progressive education to a truly diverse student body.

What sets Larchmont’s K-12 program apart:

  • Excellent teachers trained in constructivist education
  • A balanced approach to academic achievement, whole child development, student leadership and a commitment to improving our community
  • Small class sizes
  • Enrichment classes such as garden, music, art, theater and many more
  • Dynamic after school programs and student-led clubs
  • A diverse student body
  • A deeply engaged parent community who give an incredible amount of time and resources

The very things that make this exceptional model possible are expensive to fund. Every year we invest resources beyond the state funding we receive, in order to maintain our high quality educational program. Larchmont relies on parent investment to sustain the model. $1,800 per student in fundraising is built into the budget and goes directly to support these core elements.

We celebrate our diversity as a community and just as we work to meet the needs of every Larchmont student – we ask that every family individually determine how to give meaningfully to our school and that you make Larchmont your family’s number one investment. If you can donate at a higher level or if you can donate at $1,800 for each of your enrolled children, please do so. For families that cannot donate at this level, we would ask that you donate at whatever level is possible.

Every pledge counts. If every family donates to the pledge drive in an amount that is meaningful to them, it helps us raise money outside of the parent community from foundations and corporations.

With gratitude,
Alicia Lara
LCS Board
Amy Held
Chair Executive
Scott Gray
Pledge Chair

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